School is dumb ! I hate it !

If you're a human being from a recent civilization you probably are/went to school, and like most other people, you disliked it.

Actually, this title is false advertising, I used to love school until I realized how bad it was for people that actually want to study.

Caption used by my ex-French & History teacher in her presentation about her job.

This article will be talking about the French scholar system (Éducation Nationale -> National Education) and it's issues.

The minister of National Education has chosen to constantly reform hurt the scholar system :

  • Lowers the mental work needed to pass the exams ("fairness")
  • Opened platforms like "say no to harassment!"
  • Forces to use a numeric grade system (0/20)

Let's say you're that guy that always gets late and doesn't manage to get a grade that's >10/20, which means you're under the "average".

You probably stopped trying to even succeed in those exams in 6ème (12 y/o) anyway. You stopped trying because most public institutes use methods to "preserve" you from being harmed, instead of telling you what's wrong and helping you get around it, they just tell you that they "accept your differences". The issue is that those differences are also handicaps/mental illnesses/overall badbeing.

It's the end of the day, you just received your mathematics grade, it's 6/20, you're going to come home to all of your other problems, whether it be family, friends, or even what, drugs ?

Human beings have issues which need to be considered.

After graduating, dropping out because you were too stupid for school anyways.

You have an office job or no job, it's boring, now you hate everyone and everyone hates you back. Because you're now in the real world and the differences you have are being pointed out by everyone you come across, what happened, where did all the people that "accept" your differences go ?

The education system only digs the social gap between two "classes" of students even further. The "smart"/"nerdy" students being dragged down by the "lazy"/"stupid" students.

So, to sum up :

  • We don't help students that don't succeed because we "accept them"
  • Students that naturally succeed are not capable of going further because we have to "wait" for the students that don't.

The whole grade thing is also pretty bad because you end up valuing your grades rather than your actual performance. It's also bad because it's the only way your parents can view if you're doing well or not. Which also means that you'll likely get yelled at/beaten up by your parents because it's negative to have bad grades, or they think you're a lost cause anyways.

Now onto the anti-harassment propaganda applied by the teacher and school librarians (note that they take an important place in school, they) using either words or posters like those ones :

Notice how the clothes the girl on the right is wearing are against my private school's rules

Anti-harassment in itself is a good thing, if it wasn't also anti-bullies.

So-called "bullies" do not harass people for no reason, it's just their way of manifesting how bad they are doing: by bringing down other people. I am not saying it's justified, I am saying that they should also be helped.

Rather than that, they're just being put in the "bully"/"bad" case while the "poor" kid that got insulted is "good".

I am obviously biased because I have been put in that "bully" case multiple times in my life.

"harassment" is most of the time exaggerated, now saying to someone that their music taste is bad two times on TikTok would put you in the "bully" case.

I'm just pushing at open doors here but I feel like writing an article about my concerns is better than getting pissy at anyone at school.